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Kviečiame į BALTIC CUP 2018

Dear Friends,

The Lithuanian Shooting Sport Union and the Organizing Committee would like to invite you to participate in the BALTIC CUP Rifle/Pistol 2018 competition from June 07 - 10 at the Rokiškis District Centre of Physical Education and Sports Shooting Range in ROKIŠKIS, LITHUANIA.

Please find attached the General Information, Preliminary Competition Schedule
and Registration Forms.

All participating federations are asked to complete the registration forms and return them by the set deadlines.

We hope to welcome all comers that making the Baltic Cup 2018, Rokiškis a successful competition.

With best regards,

Lithuanian Shooting Sport Union
 Rokiskio miesto planas_A4_lin
 General Information
 BALTIC CUP, Preliminary Schedule
 6. Final Entry forms
 5. Firearm and Ammunition Form
 4. Visa Support Form
 3. Final Hotel
 2. Preliminary Entry form
 1. Preliminary Hotel

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